Our Approach

"It's one of the most important things at the end of the day, being able to say no to an investment."
Henry Kravis - One of the founders of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Our Approach

Fides Properties is a boutique property family office, based in London, United Kingdom specialised in sourcing, structuring and managing commercial property investments for families, institutions and investment syndicates. Our geographic focus has historically been London and the south-east of England and since 2007 we have been active in Switzerland and are now starting explore investment opportunities in Germany and the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

We have an opportunistic investment approach which is facilitated by the fact that we do not run property funds, and therefore we can be more selective and proactive in our decision making depending upon our view of the market, the economy and the requirements of our clients.

Given the unique nature of property, we believe that each investment opportunity needs to be assessed on its own merits and a bespoke strategy should evolve and be implemented for each property. This results in complete transparency of the risks, opportunities and targeted returns for our clients. Holding periods are optimised for each property investment as opposed to the fixed life cycle of property funds.

Our expertise is not in financial engineering but in understanding the prevailing market conditions and macro fundementals to determine whether the investment opportunity stands up to scrutiny. Our approach is inherently conservative and not dependent upon the availability and cost of leverage. We believe in managing the downside and being proactive in generating long term sustainable returns for our clients, whether income and/or capital growth.

Our experience as custodians of private capital enables us to understand and use real estate to assist our clients to preserve and protect capital across generations as well as generate positive returns.